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​​​​​​​Senior representatives from organizations across Canada are working together as the Pan-Canadian Real-world Health Data Network (PRHDN) and submitted a proposal to create a SPOR National Data Platform​

Existing data assets and expertise mean that the Canadian glass is already almost full when it comes to world-class multi-province health research data infrastructure. Closing this gap is a collective responsibility. ​

Our vision is to develop a distributed network that facilitates and accelerates multi-jurisdictional research. 

Our team's previous work and more recent consultations identified seven major strategic objectives for the Platform. 

Obj. 1 – Create a data access support system that helps navigate multi-jurisdiction requests and enables PRHDN organizations to learn from each other;

Obj. 2 – Harmonize and validate definitions for important chronic diseases and other key analytic variables to facilitate multi-jurisdictional population health, health services and clinical research studies;

Obj. 3 – Continue to expand the sources and types of data and linkages available through PRHDN organizations, including linkage to clinical and social data;

Obj. 4 – Develop the technology infrastructure required to improve the data access request process as well as the documentation, storage, and re-use of algorithms and existing data;

Obj. 5 – Create supports for advanced analytics and infrastructure for data collection and analysis;

Obj. 6 – Establish strong partnerships with patients and the public and with Indigenous communities;

Obj. 7 – Build strong governance and enable national coordination.

See the "downloadable documents" box for a summary of our proposal.


Please email ​ to find out more or to become a member of the PRHDN Consortium.



If you are interested in hearing about PRHDN developments and/or using PRHDN research data infrastructure in the futu​​re, please email to become a member of the PRHDN Consortium.​
​​​PRHDN News:
On June 19, 2018, the PRHDN Team submitted a proposal in response to the CIHR call for a SPOR National Data Platform. Results of this competition are expected October 31, 2018.  
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PRHDN Proposal Summary July 2018.pdf
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PRHDN national data platform consultation deck April 2018.pdf
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PRHDN CAHSPR Abstract 2016.pdf
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PRHDN Overview 5Nov15.pdf
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Results of Survey of Priorities for PRHDN Implementation Plan.pdf
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CMAJ Rx for data-rich, access-poor researchers.pdf
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PRHDN-Primary Care NOI 21May15.pdf
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PRHDN Glossary 7May15.pdf
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