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​Senior representatives from organizations across Canada are working together as the Pan-Canadian Real-world Health Data Network (PRHDN) to develop a proposal to create a SPOR National Data Platform


Existing data assets and expertise mean that the Canadian glass is already almost full when it comes to world-class multi-province health research data infrastructure. Closing this gap is a collective responsibility. 

Our curret priorities respond to priorities of SPOR-funded research and researchers more broadly, and to expectations as outlined by CIHR in their funding call. These are:

• Developing and validating consistent variable definitions to facilitate multi-jurisdictional research. These definitions or algorithms could be for chronic diseases, for concepts like continuity of care, or for utilization like primary care visits.
• Developing technical infrastructure for storage, and re-use of those algorithms, as a way to increase transparency and efficiency and ensure sustainability
• Creating a data access support system to help researchers who are making cross-provincial requests
• Establishing strong connections, including to patients and the public and Indigenous communities
• Working towards shared analytic infrastructure
• Expanding to accommodate new data (e.g. genomics, free text, imaging, patient-reported) and new methods (e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence, Natura Language Processing)​

Our goal is to design research data infrastructure that is useful and transformative for Canadian researchers and policy/decision makers and ultimately the public. We welcome your input. Please mail ​ to find out more, or click here ​to provide suggestions or become a member of the PRHDN Consortium.



If you are a researcher or policy/decision maker interested in being invol​​​ved in PRHDN development and using PRHDN research data infrastructure in the futu​​re, please cl​ick hereto become a member of the PRHDN Consortium.​
​​​PRHDN News:
The PRHDN Leads Team has expanded its membership further, see "Contact Us​" for details.  The results of the first survey of PRHDN Consortium members on priorities have been compiled and are available under "Downloadable Documents."  Many thanks to those who responded.​
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PRHDN CAHSPR Abstract 2016.pdf
5/9/2016 6:36 AM
PRHDN Overview 5Nov15.pdf
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Results of Survey of Priorities for PRHDN Implementation Plan.pdf
11/3/2015 1:29 PM
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